The Citizens Hearing on Disclosure 2013


The Citizens Hearing 2013


Having watched the Disclosure event held at the Press Club in 2001 which was unfortunately over shadowed by the events of 911, I was very keen to watch the latest attempt at getting full UFO disclosure at the Citizens Hearing 2013, also held at the Press Club in Washington D.C.   It did not disappoint!

This time it was held in the style of a Congressional hearing, in front of a committee of 5 retired members of Congress and one retired Senator.  They were (info taken from the Citizen Hearing website):

Congressman Roscoe G. Bartlett came out of a brief retirement to run for Congress in 1992. He was elected to serve the citizens of the 6th Congressional District for 10 terms to the U.S. House of Representatives. He served as a citizen-legislator, not a politician. Prior to his election to Congress, he pursued successful careers as a professor, research scientist and inventor, small business owner, and farmer. In the 112th Congress, Bartlett served as Chairman of the Tactical Air and Land Forces Subcommittee of the House Armed Services Committee responsible for 25% of the Department of Defence budget. Due to his ten years of experience as a small business owner, he also served on the Small Business Committee and held over 25 small business conferences helping connect thousands of small businesses with federal agency and prime contractor purchasers. As one of three scientists in the Congress, Dr. Bartlett was also a senior member of the Science, Space and Technology Committee where he worked to ensure research and development advances proceeded for a better future.

Merrill Cook was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah the son of scientist Melvin A. Cook who pioneered the development of slurry explosives. He graduated from East High School in 1964 and the University of Utah in 1969 and earned an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School in 1971. He was hired as a budget analyst by Arthur D. Little, Inc. and in 1973 founded Cook Slurry Company, a mining explosives manufacturer, of which he served as president and chief executive. Merrill was elected to Congress in 1996 and served two terms representing the 2nd District of Utah. He held seats on the U.S. House Banking Committee, Financial Institutions Subcommittee, and Capital Markets Subcommittee for four years, dealing with the highest levels of the American financial, investment and banking industries.

Darlene Hooley represented Oregon’s 5th congressional district for six terms in the House of Representatives. A native of North Dakota, she spent eight years teaching high school before entering politics when she was elected to the West Linn, Oregon city council in 1975. Later she was elected to the Oregon State Legislature, then joined the Clackamas County Board of Commissioners before being elected to the House in 1996. Since leaving Congress she has remained engaged in civic life in Oregon and works as a strategic planning consultant. Hooley became interested in politics after her son was injured on a playground in West Linn. She was appointed to a parks advisory committee, and in 1976, became the first woman to serve on the West Linn City Council. In 1980, Hooley was elected to the Oregon State Legislature and served as a State Representative until 1987. In the legislature she served in the lower chamber (Oregon House of Representatives) as a Democrat representing Clackamas County (District 27), succeeding Republican Ted Achilles. She chaired the environmental and energy committees, helping to pass energy conservation and recycling legislation and worked on rewriting land use planning laws, and in her third term, chaired the education subcommittee of the ways and means committee. Hooley left in 1987 to accept a position on the Clackamas County Board of Commissioners.

Mike Gravel was born in Springfield, Massachusetts, to French Canadian immigrants. He attended French-speaking Catholic schools and as a teenager, when he wasn’t working with his father and brothers in the house painting and construction business, volunteered in local Springfield politics, developing an avid interest in government. Senator Gravel enlisted in the U.S. Army (1951-54) and served as special adjutant in the Communication Intelligence Services and as a Special Agent in the Counter Intelligence Corps. He received a B.S. in Economics from Columbia University, New York City, and holds four honorary degrees in law and public affairs. Mike Gravel served in the Alaska House of Representatives from 1963-66, and as Speaker from 1965-66. He then represented Alaska in the U.S. Senate from 1969-81. He served on the Finance, Interior, and Environmental and Public Works committees, chairing the Energy, Water Resources, Buildings and Grounds, and Environmental Pollution subcommittees.

Congresswoman Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick is the Founder and Managing Partner of J & A Global Partners, LLC.  Prior to establishing J & A Global, Ms. Kilpatrick was a member of Congress for 14 years, serving Michigan’s 13th Congressional District.  In only her second term as a Member of Congress, Ms. Kilpatrick was selected to serve on the Defence Sub-Committee of Appropriations.  She earned a solid reputation as a key member of the committee with the ability to work in a bi-partisan fashion in a tough political environment, and get results.

Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey retired from the U. S. Congress this year having served as the representative from California’s 6th District for ten terms in the House of Representatives.
As Co-Chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, Congresswoman Woolsey was a vocal and visible leader on progressive issues, particularly those dealing with children and families. A passionate and outspoken opponent of the Iraq war, she helped move public opinion against President Bush’s failed Iraq policy. She introduced the first resolution calling for troops to be brought home and convened the first congressional hearing on military exit strategies, and introduced H.R. 508 the Bring Our Troops Home and Sovereignty of Iraq Restoration Act. The San Jose Mercury News recently called her “the unofficial matriarch of the [anti-war] movement in Congress.”


Over a period of 5 days, the ‘committee’ listened to the testimonies of 40 people.  The opening statement to the committee was read via a skype link by Dr Edgar Mitchell, the sixth man to walk on the moon. Those testifying ranged from UFO researchers such as Richard Dolan, Lynda Moulton Howe and Dr Steven Greer to ex military personnel and even the Hon. Stephen Hellyer, former Canadian Defence Minister.  Each person giving testimony was allowed a set period of time depending on how long the session was and how many were in that session to give evidence.  Generally they were allotted 10 minutes each.  The committee would then question those that had given their testimony and it has to be said, they did question them as well.  Sometimes it was infuriating both for the watcher and it would appear for those taking part, but it was a valuable experience.

The hearing was not just an American affair.  There were testimonies given by researchers and military personnel from the UK, and many other countries including Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, Peru, Argentina, China, France and Russia.  Amazingly, it was the South American contingent that was the most interesting in my opinion.  It was fantastic to hear how these countries have now opened their UFO books to the public, particularly Uruguay, that actively sends its Air Force officers to schools so that they can tell the school children all about the UFO’s.  That is truly remarkable!  It would appear that other countries are now leading the way when it comes to full disclosure and an end to the secrecy that has plagued this planet since the Roswell incident in 1947.

Listening to pilots testify to their attempts to shoot down UFO’s, Nuclear Missile Launch Facility Officers explaining how all 10 of their Minuteman Missiles were shut down by UFO’s hovering low over their bases, how US Military Police stationed near Rendlesham Forest at the RAF Bentwaters base in the UK actually touched a landed craft and observed it at close quarters for 3 consecutive nights was in itself astonishing.  The detail and clarity with which the incidents were recalled left the listener in no doubt about their authenticity.

The documentary evidence, most of which was obtained under Freedom of Information Act requests, added fuel to the fire.  It was extremely apparent that only the tip of the iceberg was truly visible and that only the low level documents had been released.  The sterling work of Dr Stanton Freidman and his hunt for documentation in the national archives and libraries around the US went a long way to supporting claims that UFO’s exist and that Extra Terrestrial Entities (EBE’s) have been, and still are here and in contact with the US government.

The cover up of the Secret Black Ops programs and their immense funding was also uncovered, which was a particular shock to the retired members of Congress, some of whom had spent time on the Defence Appropriations Committee and were responsible for setting the funding levels.

Secret technology was also discussed and evidence through testimony given.  The ability to generate free energy from what is termed zero point energy, anti gravitational propulsion systems and the science and equations behind them was explained.  Evidence that Lockheed Martins’ Skunkworks had the ability to ‘take ET back home’ as was quoted by Ben Ritch, the companies former CEO, now deceased. That is the Black Ops arm of the company working directly for the US Government.  This was said in 1993.  Testimony was also given that the US has reverse engineered the downed craft from Roswell and other crashes and were now using their own secret inter-stellar craft using this technology.  This unsurprisingly caused consternation in the committee that such life changing technology had not been released to the rest of the world with its ability to end poverty, fossil fuel dependency and to a certain degree, slavery to the few hundred corporations that control the majority of the worlds wealth.  This they declared was a crime.

The aim of the hearing was to convince those retired members of Congress and the press (that didn’t turn up to listen unsurprisingly other than on the first morning, whereby they heard enough to ridicule the whole thing) to use their influence to gain a full hearing in Congress to debate the UFO disclosure issue.  It soon became clear that this was not going to happen, and not least because the Congress is a closed shop where no active Congressman/woman would be prepared to risk their funding by agreeing to it.  But it also became clear on the suggestion of former Senator Mike Gravel, that it would be more useful to get a hearing at the United Nations General Assembly, which is not controlled by the United States like the UN Security Council.  Several of the representatives from other nations present were very open to this and were fairly sure that their governments would agree to this.  Chile, Peru, Uruguay and Brazil seemed to be very keen on this.  In his closing statement, Stephen Bassett, organiser of the event said that he was sure that up to 7 countries would back this. The committee did however write a letter to Congress and to President Obama on behalf of 2 retired US Air force personnel, Sgt. John Burroughs and Sgt. Jim Penniston who are both suffering severe ill health following their experiences at Rendlesham Forest.  Their medical records have been with-held as being ‘classified’ preventing them from receiving the correct treatment.  The committee are asking for the records to be released.

When all is said and done, whether you ‘believe’ in EBE’s and UFO’s, the evidence provided during the Citizens Hearing will make you question your beliefs.  At the very least, if you live in the US or the UK, it will make you question the secrecy of the shadow government, who really is in control?  Why a US President is only told information on a ‘need to know’ basis? As both Steven Greer and Congressman Bartlett pointed out, President Eisenhower in his last address to the US people warned of the Military Industrial (Congressional) Complex and its plans of domination.  What might have started out as secrecy to protect the people of this planet from knowledge that was not fully understood, has turned into secrecy to protect the power of the corporations over the people of the world!

A big thank you to Stephen Bassett for organising the event and getting it streamed live on the internet.  There has never been a better event and hopefully it is just the start.  Most of all, a big thank you must be said to the very brave military personnel that at much risk to their own safety, broke their vows of silence to bring forward the truth.  The list of those that testified is as follows:








By thommo


Like Tic Tac Toe they criss cross the sky,

to call them a contrail is to tell a big lie.

As time goes by they start to spread,

is the reason they’re spraying to leave us all dead?

From a clear blue sky to a silvery haze,

what happened to those wonderful clear sunny days?

Barium, Strontium and Aluminium too,

of the chemicals sprayed out these are just a few.

Is it just an attempt to stop Global Warming,

or should we take note of a more sinister warning?

There are aircraft equipped to spray chemicals on us,

and we just accept it without making a fuss.

What they spray in the air must fall to the ground,

mass insect extinctions with no causes found!

Aluminium alone will stop crops from growing,

driven farmers to suicide without ever knowing.

Nano sized particles we breathe in with ease

increased rates of cancer and Morgellons disease.

Is ‘Big Oil’ involved adding things to the fuel?

pilots unaware are their chemical mule.

Look up and take note start demanding the truth,

‘What in the world are they spraying’ has plenty of proof.

Debunkers are blind with their heads up their arse,

Their arguments against are simply a farce.

Science is ignoring our own Mother Earth,

so we must decide what she really is worth.

They won’t stop the spraying until it’s too late,

the horse will have bolted through the left open gate!

The Debt Trap


The Debt Trap


By thommo


To survive in this country you need to earn cash,

the two go together like ‘sausage and mash’.

A run on the banks and they’d all quickly close,

to hide the huge fraud but the Governor knows!

Our money is digital just 3% is paper,

the systems’ creators conspire through this caper.

It’s because of this system we’ll work ‘til we die,

they’ll be chasing their money before your mourners can cry.

Most in this nation stick their heads in the sand,

they can’t bear to watch as the huge debts expand.

We borrow the money with a big interest rate,

the injustice unseen that fills us with hate.

The instrument of ‘interest’  keeps  expanding the debt,

we’ll never repay it through working man’s sweat.

To pay off the interest we borrow again,

a never ending circle to drive you insane.

There’s plenty of solutions to the problems they cause,

and most would put an end to the ‘Corporate Wars’!

Please do some research and find out for yourself,

you’ll then understand the real meaning of ‘wealth’!

The Cleggeron


The Cleggeron


By thommo


The Cleggeron is an evil beast like sclerosis of the liver,
the policies you voted for gone drifting down the river.
Promises to the student class to buy their precious vote,
the ConDem coalition leaders now just stand and gloat.
The people are now protesting they’re marching on the street,
so the Cleggeron empowers police to search everyone they meet!
Our finances were none too good when the Cleggeron took control,
so he’ll tax us all to death to keep the gambling banks’ pay roll.
We saw it happen in the states with Obama’s lies of ‘change’,
and now the lies have spread to us it’s reach is quite long range.
Now the Cleggerons after Libya and it’s making my blood boil,
what is this beast prepared to do to keep it’s deal on oil?
Watch them on the BBC and study their demeanour,
everything’s about oil and war sod all for Fukushima!
Six reactors have now reached meltdown with radiation pouring out,
but Libya gets the headlines as oil and arms they hold more clout.
We nuked Japan to end the war they were the first and last,
and now they suffer like before in memories of the past.
The Cleggeron will soon reveal its ultimate betrayal,
just don’t rely on the BBC for an accurate portrayal.
If the Cleggeron is the ConDem brains then Osborne is the arse,
I’m sure the world has had a laugh at his recent budget farce.
There’s now a referendum on how these idiots are elected,
yet on handing our power to Europe the request for one rejected!
I feel so full of sorrow at the direction we all are going,
and most of us will simply follow whilst never really knowing.
The nightmare we are living in which we’re running from the beast,
is the Cleggeron projected for their Luciferian feast.

The Iranian Terror


The Iranian Terror


By thommo


Iran is a nation we’ve all learned to fear,

but ‘learned’ is the word that should ring in your ear.

Demonised by governments and the press of the West,

“alienate and sanction” it’s all for the best.

Does the West want them gone for what Israel has got planned,

for what lays between the rivers of the Zionist land?

The facts say Iran’s peaceful and not looking for war,

but that won’t stop the West from evening the score.

For the Islamic Revolution of 1979,

when the Western regime reached the end of the line.

We armed up Saddam to cause their destruction,

nothing was gained except population reduction.

Yet somehow the Iranians continue to grow,

the press blocks it out they don’t want you to know.

They’re quite self sufficient so sanctions are hollow,

theirs is the model the Middle East will follow!

These people are human they are beings of light,

is religion the reason our governments fight?

Western monopolies just can’t get a grip,

Iranian resources just aren’t theirs to strip.

Through our suppression these people have learned,

to ignore the direction that we want them turned.

Their oil production techniques have gone far,

it’s Iranian produced from the ground to the car!

But we’re inter-dependant for all that we need,

so is there a warning us Westerners should heed?

If a country can’t provide enough food for it’s people,

we saddle them in debt to become ‘Globalist’ sheeple.

May the Iranian people stay true to their belief,

and keep Iran for the people and not the corporate thief.

Now don’t get me wrong Iran’s got its troubles,

but when we interfere that simply doubles.

So maybe we should look a bit closer at us,

what we leave for our children should be our main fuss.

It’s a pitiful fact that a child born today,

will be instantly in debt by about 200K!

Our kids are the ones that will work to the grave,

Their futures are what we should be trying to save.

If we should fail them then all hope is lost,

just sit there watching and they’ll count the cost.

Let’s search in our hearts for the answer that’s right,

and rebuild this country with their future in sight.

The Moon Matrix


The Moon Matrix


By thommo

She glides through the night watching us sleep,

why she is there is a secret she’ll keep.

Pulling us all and causing such stress,

is she the real reason the world’s in a mess?

The lady controls us from where she’s been placed,

her eternal existence we’ve long since embraced.

Could it be that our scientists have got it all wrong,

that our Queen of the night hasn’t been there that long?

There’d have been mighty floods if she suddenly appeared,

our Earth would have tilted as her gravity neared.

The ‘double whack’ theory has no facts to follow,

all science has proved is the fact that she’s hollow!

Some who have touched her and felt her pale skin,

have come forward and admitted that she has secrets within.

The Anunnaki once invaded us desperate for gold,

could it be stored in her heart not Fort Knox as we’re told?

As the mind pushes past the suppressing control pattern,

our attention is drawn to the gas giant Saturn.

Maybe one day she will pack up and leave,

showing the smoke and mirrors put up to deceive.

Scientists change facts to fit with the theory,

the pox marked white lady is tired and is weary.

When she loses control of us and leaves us in peace,

the cap stone will fall and the suppression will cease.

Before she arrived our queen was the Sun,

connected to consciousness life was such fun.

The lunar intruder she broke our connection,

if we raise our vibration we’ll make the correction.

The sun is our leader as we follow her through space,

we spin in her wake as we try to keep pace.

Information contained in the light she gives out,

the Sun is our friend of that there’s no doubt.

Break the moon matrix and set yourself free,

there truly is no limit to what we can be.





By thommo


She falls to her knees pain and fear on her face,

the white shirts look on as they spray her with Mace,

Dragged off by her hair to a waiting police van,

the crowd stood around screaming ‘Shame on that man’.

Bankers are fearful and have bought the police,

they’re protecting the banks not keeping the peace.

Those who protest must be squashed like a grape,

to keep hidden the extent of our financial rape.

What is the cause of the Wall St revolution,

corporate corruption and its political pollution.

99% of the people on Earth,

are saddled with debt they inherited at berth.

Destined for hardship we’ll always be poor,

the 1% left own us all this is war!

They own our resources and our governments too,

our wealth and our power in the hands of a few.

As the protests grow bigger the press hides away,

carefully controlling what reporters can say.

Our homelands have turned into a vicious police state,

suppressing the masses and fuelling the hate.

The Greeks have been stretched and have reached their end game,

their sovereignty stolen in the IMF’s name.

Italy and Spain are following behind,

enslaved by the banks but the wealthy don’t mind.

Their wealth gets bigger as austerity grows,

feeding of our corpses like Carrion Crows.

Bail out the banks because they’re too big to fail,

the governments hammer in another death nail.

Six people control most of the press in the west,

the news that they tell us is what suits them best.

The pyramid structure of power’s there to see,

and then once it falls we’ve a chance to be free.

The people united will not be defeated,

united we are by the way we’ve been treated.

Keep up the protests and give the rest time to wake,

the moment they do all our shackles will break.

Our destiny and freedom we then will control,

we might even see Jamie Dimond’s head roll.

Don’t let the movement be hijacked by politicians,

They’re taking our freedom straight to the morticians.

Freedom is our inalienable right,

will you give up yours or join in the fight?