Organic Meat in the UK

The following website address is for a well run co-operative farm that supplies organic non GMO fed meat.  The service is brilliant and I would recommend them to everyone.  They need and deserve support as they are one of the few ethical farms that supply organic non gmo food.  They are also trying to compete with ‘Big Farmer’ and the big supermarket chains.  If you are in the UK, please support them.  Thank you 🙂







By thommo


Like Tic Tac Toe they criss cross the sky,

to call them a contrail is to tell a big lie.

As time goes by they start to spread,

is the reason they’re spraying to leave us all dead?

From a clear blue sky to a silvery haze,

what happened to those wonderful clear sunny days?

Barium, Strontium and Aluminium too,

of the chemicals sprayed out these are just a few.

Is it just an attempt to stop Global Warming,

or should we take note of a more sinister warning?

There are aircraft equipped to spray chemicals on us,

and we just accept it without making a fuss.

What they spray in the air must fall to the ground,

mass insect extinctions with no causes found!

Aluminium alone will stop crops from growing,

driven farmers to suicide without ever knowing.

Nano sized particles we breathe in with ease

increased rates of cancer and Morgellons disease.

Is ‘Big Oil’ involved adding things to the fuel?

pilots unaware are their chemical mule.

Look up and take note start demanding the truth,

‘What in the world are they spraying’ has plenty of proof.

Debunkers are blind with their heads up their arse,

Their arguments against are simply a farce.

Science is ignoring our own Mother Earth,

so we must decide what she really is worth.

They won’t stop the spraying until it’s too late,

the horse will have bolted through the left open gate!

Monsanto’s Dirty Dozen

We must rid the world of GMO food. It is not natural and mankind has no right to change nature! Educate yourself and it might just save your life, particularly when you look at the research that has not been funded by Monsanto. The rats and mice died, as will we!

GMO Awareness

When you take a moment to reflect on the history of product development at Monsanto, what do you find? Here are twelve products that Monsanto has brought to market. See if you can spot the pattern…

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An Economic Takedown? Gold Crashing?

An Economic Takedown? Gold Crashing?.

This has been on the cards for a while.  Banks have been advising people to seel gold as they were saying it was going to crash.  How did they know?  This is a wealth grab of huge proportions and only a few will benefit.  Look out to see who is now buying huge amounts of gold at low prices.  Can the repatriation of gold to other countries have forced the federal reserve to incite a crash?

The Debt Trap


The Debt Trap


By thommo


To survive in this country you need to earn cash,

the two go together like ‘sausage and mash’.

A run on the banks and they’d all quickly close,

to hide the huge fraud but the Governor knows!

Our money is digital just 3% is paper,

the systems’ creators conspire through this caper.

It’s because of this system we’ll work ‘til we die,

they’ll be chasing their money before your mourners can cry.

Most in this nation stick their heads in the sand,

they can’t bear to watch as the huge debts expand.

We borrow the money with a big interest rate,

the injustice unseen that fills us with hate.

The instrument of ‘interest’  keeps  expanding the debt,

we’ll never repay it through working man’s sweat.

To pay off the interest we borrow again,

a never ending circle to drive you insane.

There’s plenty of solutions to the problems they cause,

and most would put an end to the ‘Corporate Wars’!

Please do some research and find out for yourself,

you’ll then understand the real meaning of ‘wealth’!